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If you're not polluting the air you're breathing, someone else is.
Have you urged your auto maker (or the auto industry) to make cost-
effectively safer, more fuel efficient and cleaner-air vehicles? Recently?

Autobuyological Arts & Sciences... go!
If there is anything worse than having to buy an automobile, it's paying
too much for one - 1st law of thermo-economical-dynamics.

It is always best to check (Google or Yahoo or other) vehicle recall sites for current recalls before purchasing a new or use vehicle. There are always several underway, ofter for serious defects like steering malfunctions that not only endanger the driver and occupans to the defective vehicles, but others on the road as well. Toyota historically has claimed better than average quality. But Toyota's race to best General Motors in the most units sold, may have compromised quality. And Toyoto and Honda have historically not negociated on price, rather defaulting to seasonal or annual sales, which may be the best you can do pricewise, if a Toyota or Honda must you have.

May 2010 - Congress is considering, image that? regulating auto dealers who have historically deceived consumers on yo-yo car deal financing deals, where the dealer quotes a low-ball financing rate, only to find out after the customer has driven off the lot, a few days later, that the financing rate is considerably higher and the customer merely signed a contingency car deal form, requiring the vehicle be returned unless the customer mustangs-up the additional costs, often in the few thousands of dollars more than the consumer exptected at the original deal time. This has become an issue recently because dealers are scamming military personnel using these chickenshit sales tactics. This is but another among many good reasons to go carless: to go car free, to buy smaller, to drive less, to use and support alternative transportation, to not use dealer assisted financing schemes, and to demand that auto makers make cleaner-air vehicles... or leave a big tip, it's on you. If this happens to you, consider returning the vehicle, if possible, and going carfree, or buying somewhere else more ruthful.

"When it takes you three or four decades to tear down a car company's image, it takes more than 39 days to bring it back." (Karl Brauer, editor of Auto Web Site Edmunds.com. Saying it's impressive that GM is emerging from bankuptcy so quickly but that it has a long way to go to restore its image. As quoted in the Sunday July 12, 2009 Press Democrat).

We'd say GM has more then it's image to restore. By the way, where was Edmunds.com for the past three or four decades? Fighting tooth and claw to convince GM, Ford & Chrysler to make more fuel efficient vehicles? Nah, unlikely. Puffing up dealer inflated used car prices? More likely.

SUV on globe graphic

Getting pumped at the pump? Don't forget to urge your auto makers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles! Most new vehicles are at least 25% less efficient than long-existing cost-effective technologies would provide if engineered more comprehensively into automotive product lines. Let your auto makers (and the auto industry) know how you feel about being short-changed on auto fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas emission costs. If you cannot avoid buying a vehicle, buy smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and negotiate a fuel inefficiency deduction from your final offer to the dealer (as much or more than 25% off the real (most gas/mileage estimates are inflated) fuel costs of the vehicle -- below the negoiated dealer mark-up price) to make sure that you are not subsidizing the auto industry's failure to live up to its customer service marketing rhetoric and failing to incorporate long-proven energy efficienty technologies into its vehicles... Just stop buying it! References: Union of Concerned Scientists, American Academy of Sciences, Sierra Club, Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network, Green Peace, et al. Oh yeah, and make sure to encourage others to do the same... "Have you urged the auto industry (or your auto makers to make cleaner air vehicles? Recently? are questions in the era of peak oil (Roilty) that we all should be asking each other more often. What are you doing to conserve energy?

Beware of unadvertised and undisclosed Katrina and Rita (Hurricane) car deal specials. Yup, you can bet your good money that the auto industry is odor-proofing waterlogged new and used vehicles from the Gulf region as you're reading this, to sell in other parts of the country, probably farther from the Gulf than one might expect...

Auto Consumer Tip: Avoid financing vehicle purchases through the auto dealer. If you must finance through the dealer find out the lenders finance rate and the dealer's reserve rate or percentage which is often added onto the lenders fee, often with no disclosure by the dealer of this practice. Negotiate the dealer's reserve as well as the vehicle price or lease. No negotiation? No Deal! (Reference CBS 60 Minutes April 4, 2004.)

CAUTION: The "YOU PAY WHAT WE PAY" sales gimmick of recent vintage may not be the best deal you can get. Negotiating the dealers mark-up or take is also a good standard buyers option (see Dealing With The Dealer and Consumer Driven Deals for more info and references - links), and while your at it, why not negotiate the manufacturers profit too? Go for it! And keep in mind that fuel costs are not about to go down much, if any. More likely, you'll be stuck with the fuel inefficiency of any vehicle you buy regardless of how good of a deal you get. Ditto X2 for SUVs. Not all vehicle models apply for the "You Pay What We Pay" scheme. Deal carefully.

How many cars will you own over a lifetime: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or more? (8 - 10 ?) At what cost? Personally? Socially? Environmentally? The average auto ownership and operation costs (direct, not including external or indirect costs) is over $500,000 -- more than twice the cost for median priced American homes -- do your own math! Use AAA's recent (March 2005) annual calculation of $8,410 to calculate your lifetime costs for average direct automobile ownership and operation costs. To see what your commute driving is costing you check out:

Commute Solution's Commute Costs Calculator at
http://www.commutesolutions.org/calc.htm. Put that in your private social security account and compound it!

Stop The CAR! Flyer
Help fight terrorism: Curb the car! Drive less!
Practice random acts of carlessnesshood!
Curb your car! Curb the car!
Drive less.
Go carless.
Car share.
Base mode choice on trip distance.
Buy down (smaller), and rent up (larger) as needed.
Devalue and pay less for automobiles. Negotiate mfr's take.
Negotiate a fuel inefficiency deductioin for less than cost-optimally efficient vehicles. (Conventional new vehicles are as much or more than 25% less efficient than they can be cost-effectively made to be with technologies that have been available for five to ten years or more. Negotiate this cost of inefficiency into your car deal on top of a negotiated dealer and manufacturer profit price, if you cannot or will not go carfree, consider going carless. Be charitable with your savings.)
Support auto alternatives for others, to help reduce gridlock.
Drive down the environmental, public health, and ownership and operation costs of the automobile-ification of America (now conservatively estimated at over $450,000 over a lifetime for merely average automobile ownership and operation -- much more for "luxury" pollution unit models).
Let your automobile manufacturer know how you feel about high fossil fuel emission vehicles polluting the air you and your family breathe.
Let Ford Motors Company, et al., one of the most successful high-end SUV pollution unit sellers know how you feel about it's efforts to dilute government regulations of fuel emission standards. You may want to ask how it is that manufacturers can rake in tens of thousands of dollars per unit in profits and straight-facedly work to weaken clean air standards, claiming excessive costs to be passed along to the consumer.
Write: President/CEO, Ford Motors, The American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126

What Would Jesus Drive?
Wait! Don't do it!
Don't buy that puny, unsafe SUV.
Wait for the all new and improved "
Ford Ego, Super-Ego, and Carcinoma SUV Value Combo." It pollutes more, but is easier to park. Do you really want a less pollutable, harder to park vehicular behemoth?

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Paying too much for automobiles (Pollution Units) is anti-environment!
"The "D'oh!" (dough) of auto buying..."
The Free Online Auto Consumer Mistake Avoidance
& Auto Buyer Educational, Survival, and Sanity Resource

"Neurosurgeons and Astronauts - 0; Car Dealers -10... Go Figure"
Gasoline and auto related prices are uncompetitively and exorbitantly high and excessive because we have not invested in clean fuel and auto alternatives for personal and public transport and power generation, and because of
suburban sprawl -- land abuse development... we can fix this and
save money for families, communities, schools and the environment.

It's ugly.
It's all over the car deal road.
It Kicks Car Deal Tailpipe for Family and Village Values.

>| Pop The Hood On This Rattle Trap |<
You don't have to drive to work for Detroit, we all do, 24/7/365s
Latest news report - Annual cost in Michigan for auto ownership and operation is about $8,700/year.
Funny Smoking Cars
It is the job of each generation to teach the one behind it life's important lessons...
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Have you told your auto maker, or the auto industry to make more efficient and cleaner-air vehicles? Recently? (Flyer to copy and post). Have you asked others if they have? It wouldn't kill you to do so! It may even help prevent or reduce asthma and global warming. Maybe even your's or a loved one's.

New Fuel Gauge - Find out the more accurate estimates of fuel mileage estates for 1985 through 2007 automobiles (on average 10% less than previously advertised), and ratings for 2008 models.

For Healthier Air, Planet, & People: To Save Y'our Breath, Lives, Money & Planet...

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