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with AutoBuyology's follow-up:
Aa. Thank you, I kiss your feet. Finally someone has put it all in one place for auto consumers. Thank you for paving the consumer lane on the car deal highway. The resource list is staggering... is there any other manufacturing or retail industry with such a low public reputation which would require so much to be written about it?
Ab. The overwhelming response to AutoBuyology / CARveat Emptor has been positive and supportive. [You are welcome]
The following responses / reactions are included here, as they appear to illustrate the depth of denial in the auto industry, or the extent to which some few (but all too many) consumers will go to reward or defend the shady side of the automobile industry, apparently in the misbelief that doing so benefits them, their families or other consumers:
1q. You're a socialist.
1a. Apparently so, informing consumers about their rights and responsibilities in a regulated marketplace certainly wouldn't be anti-social. Leave that up to the hyper-capitalists or rather the neo-corporatists and their coat holders, the Neo [pseudo] Conservative Monolithy, aka, the DemocRepubliCorporataucracy. Apparently, fraud and deceit are fundamental and essential criteria and qualities of any reputable and bona fide free market capital system...?
The automobile industry, perhaps alone, epitomizes the reasons why we enjoy the vagaries of the push and shove of a "mixed" or regulated marketplace, and why a free market is impossible and will not likely be tolerated by a self-respecting democratic people. Democracy, yes!. Capitalism, yes! Corporataucracy, never!
2q. Dealers are in the business to maximize profits.
2a. So there, the "customer service" mantra is a fraud apparently, after all.
3q. Dealers have a right to as much profit as they can make.
3a. They have the opportunity to try to pay their overhead (break even) and record an after loophole profit, nothing more. There are no guarantees of profits, especially record profits, year after year in the US Constitution. Not yet, at least.
4q. You made those tricks up, dealers do not operate the way you say some do. You must have gotten screwed.
4a. How could we have gotten screwed if dealers don't operate the way they do? It's is also interesting to note the number of people who merely pass off the sham of the auto industry by saying "they all do it."
5q. Good people work hard for the auto industry and you do them a disservice with your site.
5a. Good people consume auto industry products, too. Actually, the shabby industry and traditions and practitioners dis-serve the good people who work hard in the auto industry. Why does the auto industry not use some of its market clout and record profits to unscrew and degrease the Great American Car Deal? My guess is that the only party to benefit from the general level of public angst with the industry, is the industry itself, or at least it believes it does, else perhaps it would do something to counter it on an order of magnitude equal to the amount of energy the industry invests in cheating and shamming consumers and scamming the economy and the marketplace.
6q. One in five (1:5 or 20%) Americans work directly or indirectly for the auto or related industries.
6a. Factoring in all auto consumers who also work for the auto and related industries (transportation, banking, etc.), the 1:5 ratio is actually closer to 1000+:5 (:-).
7q. You're a radical.
7a. Well OK. If radical is being for fairness in the marketplace and believing that bona fide capitalism (as vs. pseudo capitalism and its twin-in-crime "hybridized corporatism) and business practices do not have to include sham and subterfuge, then paint me radical with a capital "R".
8q. Your anger is showing.
7a. Ooops, you caught me out. I'll try to develop a happier demeanor about the sham factors in the Great American Car Deal, or merely lower my expectations.
9q. "Why don't you just sell the van? You're fucked. Just a note from a neighbor..."
9a. Good question, but its veracity apparently is lost on its author, who apparently was not neighborly enough to pen his or her name. I especially like "telling" notes like this one, as it reminds me of the level of intelligence and thought capacity of the small, well intentioned, but woefully misguided opposition who shortsightedly defend the shammy traditions of the auto industry.
I didn't buy the van to sell it. After taking a $4500 to $5000 depreciation hit on buying it in the first place, it would be even more of a loss to sell it. Its interesting that the above question seems to represent a minority attitude in defense of an industry which by its own admission treats consumers shabbily. May I suggest that these few fine folk, if they feel that merely helping consumers to save a few dollars by knowing some of the "f__ked" factors in car deals is a big personal or industry threat, that they get out their checkbooks and pen a large one and deliver it by hand to their local auto dealer(s) and lien agent(s). The industry certainly needs a good defense, however.
The real question should be, 'why doesn't VW or its dealers merely make the deal whole by penning and forwarding a check to me in an amount which would be acceptable to any average reasonable person and extend an apology for misrepresenting a used and damaged and poorly repaired vehicle as new when they knew or should have known its pre-sale use and condition,-- without any conditions attached, such as was the case here, "if you will shut up about it?" The facts of the sham deal stands, regardless of whether VW or its dealers admit them to me or themselves or anyone else, or whether they correct their shabby treatment of me here. I'm not holding my breath for VW to come clean here. Apparently VW and its dealers do not feel that a three time, twenty year VW customer is due better treatment.
Screwing hundreds or thousands of consumers, and making one screwy deal whole when they are found out, hardly sets the situation right. VW and its dealers and other auto manufacturers and their dealers should merely undertake visible measures to stop their traditions of shabby sales and service treatments which cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in unearned and inflated industry profits every year. And if the industry is unable or unwilling to do so, then the American people should step up to the situation and say, enough is enough.


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