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AutoBuyology 101©

An Arts & Sciences Crash Ph.D. Course in Carlessnesshood 101©
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Thank you for teaching...
Planned Carlessnesshood

Going carfree over a lifetime will save you net over half a million smackaratoonies ($500,000) for merely average automobile ownership and operation costs, and this does not include environmental health costs!
Motor-vating Students to the Library
CAR-nal Knowledge --
Driver's Ed for the car deal challenged...
Can Anyone Read (CAR)
Steering and motor-vating teachers and students to the library
The 15 Second Car Deal Literacy Lecture Value (Mileage) Additive
Don't blink, hang-up and read: here it is: (1) "If you cannot avoid having to buy a car, the best place to start is your library or bookstore. (2) Find one or two or more of several dozen books variously titled under transporation, car buying, etc., and save yourself/ves hundreds or/and thousands of dollars over a lifetime of automobilelessnesshood." That's it, and don't worry, the money savd won't put much of a dent in auto industry profits.
Free AutoDriven Flyer
For Senior High School Teachers, College Professors, Group or Seminar Leaders or Presenters... and the Clergy of all political persuasions... and other leaders (the money you save your parishioners, consumers or clients, may come back to your vestry as charity or additional "business"... if the scanners don't overcharge them at the grocery checkout... Count your blessing and your change... Praise the Lord and pass the car deal consumer protection legislation... (:-)

The Great American car deal has evolved into one of our most pricey of lifetime expenses. An education is supposed to be meaningful and applicable to real-world life experiences. It is reported that 90-95% of automobile consumers are Car Deal Clueless in America about how to buy a car or even have a vehicle serviced without getting taken for a ride every time. While students may not recall for long the relative nuances of your most eloquent and illustrious lecture on relativity or big or little Egypt, they likely will benefit, if they remember, if you, sometime during the course of one or more or your course lectures merely make the Car-Deal-Literacy-to-Library-Connection for them, -- merely suggest that:

Before (long before: like, try now or very soon) buying or servicing a first or subsequent car, the best place to start shopping for valuable cost saving car buying and operating skills, knowledge and abilities is at your local library or bookstore. There are at least a dozen decent books on (CAR DEAL LITERACY) topics such as: buying, leasing or caring for automobiles, the most costly lifetime "devestment" you will ever make... Look under "transportation" for additional titles.


Anything by Remar Sutton on the topic of car buying, and especially, "You Don't Have To Pay Too Much Every Time You Buy A Car," [unless you really want to...? ] is particularly good from one perspective,


...and for the age appropriateness of senior high students, staff, faculty and college students, etc., check out AutoBuyology on the WWW for truely rEvolutionary car deal strategies for surviving the all new and freely traded, downsized and up-profited "gobble" economy of the new millennium.

Buying, leasing, operating, or caring for an automobile: "CARveat Emptor:" Buyer-Owner Beware <<<

Attaching the: AutoDriven | CARveat Emptor Flyer 1 | or the: CARveat Emptor Flyer 2 | or the | Chronic Car Deal Illiteracy Syndrome Flyer | to your next class syllabus, presentation materials or handout as a value additive will help ensure that you are loved and remembered (along with your course contents, of course) for lifetimes to come...

As a teaser, early in the course, merely ask the class to "remind me to tell you about Jack", as in knowing Jack Diddley Squat about car buying and ownership... the birds and bees of the Great American Car Deal... followed up with the CARveat Emptor and the Car-Deal-to-Library-Connection tip, should do the car deal trick...

Car-talk to your kids, parents, and teach your parents well, kids... you don't have to buy and own automobiles, but if you cannot abstain or plan and execute your life around auto ownership, for God's sakes, practice SAFE Car Deal SEX: "CARveat Emptor," help unscrew car deals for yourself and others, before we suck the known world's oil reserves dry in approximately 35 years, as projected by some of those in the know on the subject.

Help Erase Chronic Car Deal Illiteracy Syndrome... (CCDIS) "see 'dis"

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Happy motoring, wheeling & dealing
-- virtually and really.


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For Healthier Air, Planet, & People: To Save Y'our Breath, Lives, Money & Planet...

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