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In an auto driven society, car buying smarts, or at least the Car-Deal- Literacy-to-Library-Connection should be Education's Job #2 at all levels. R Knox

    Students: Teach your teachers well.
    Teachers: Teach your students well.
    For extra credit, sometime at your convenience during the semester or class duration, and for a lifetime of potential savings, hand in a 500 or more word essay on how to not have to or how to avoid having to buy a car, or how to buy a car without getting ripped off. Reference at least three books or car buyuing guides or auto consumer sources from your library or bookstore in researching your essay.

    Simply reminding your students, teachers, family and friends that the best place to begin an auto purchase, if they cannot avoid the car deal mistake altogether, is to go to their library or bookstore and pick out a few of the two dozen or so car buying, leasing, and ownership resources (books) now available to them.

    Car Deal Illiteracy Syndrome (CDIS) remains at epidemic levels in America. According to J.D. Powers & Associates (2000), Half of all US new auto buyers fail to merely obtain the manufacturers invoice price and negotiate the Dealer's markup or profit margin, essentially donating often thousands more than necessary for personal transportation. Easy come, easy go?

    "Take the Arts & Sciences Crash Ph.D. Course in Auto Buyology 101..."
    Motivating Students to the Library -- Only You Can Help Erase
    CHRONIC CAR DEAL ILLITERACY SYNDROME (CCDIS),(At epidemic levels in America) by not waiting until you need another one or to have one serviced again... the first sign of CCDIS and likely your next car deal mistake... behave Now!

Chronic car deal Illiteracy (CCDIS) remains at epidemic levels as the automobile celebrates its 100rdth birthday (1997). 90-95% of auto consumer are Car Deal Clueless in America, often paying thousands of dollars more for auto sales and service costs than necessary. According to J.D. Powers & Associates, half of all new car buyers fail to obtain the manufacturer's invoice from new car pricing service and negotiate the dealer's mark-up, opting to pay thousands more than necessary for even basic personal auto transportation.

40% of all car repairs are unnecessary (how charitable have you been lately?, and did you take full advantage of your IRS charitable gift deductions?) costing consumers over $40 billion annually in America. 70% of auto technicians in California are unable to diagnose auto repair problems (yeah, but we charge brain surgeon rates by the hour so what do you care?). $22 billion (a conservative estimate in our opinion) is stolen every year in America from [Jack Diddley S.] Fraud alone in auto sales and service practices. Odometer fraud is a $10 billion annual business in America. Other "legal" but unfair and manipulative auto sales and service practices cost our friends and families tens of billions more in unearned industry profits. The majority of consumer complaints involve auto sales and service issues. Women and minorities pay more on average for auto sales and service due to cultural and industry biases, not because of individual consumer skills. A lifetime of automobile costs "averages" over $400,000, more than twice the cost of the median priced American home (in 1997 dollars). Don't puke yet, there's more!

If you are a parent, teacher, priest, or other group or seminar leader you can help cure CCDIS by merely telling or reminding your children, students, membership, group of seminar attendees that when (actually before, well before...LIKE NOW!) next contemplating acquiring another automobile, or having one serviced again, that the free books and references on car buying and ownership at the local library contains valuable cost saving consumer information.

The "Car-Deal-Literacy-to-Library Connection" is the most important vaccination against CCDIS.

Download, print, copy, post, circulate and share the CCDIS Flyer... or the AutoDriven Flyer

Additionally, for more age appropriateness -- senior high school or college age students and staff, AutoBuyology perhaps offers the next best place to begin inoculating consumers from CCIDS... and the dingy tricks of the Great American Car Deal.

Teachers, Professors, Clergy, Group Leaders, Lecturers, Presenters, etc.

(The 15 Second Car Deal Literacy Lecture... ) adds value (mileage) to any curriculum, class or course materials... make sure your students know "Jack about car deals. " Fifteen seconds, or less, that's all it takes... really & virtually... Simply make the Car Deal Literacy / Library Link for your students, clients, associations, friends, families, etc.

Just say:

"If you're going to buy, lease or service a car (if you cannot avoid doing so) go to the library and pick up one or two of the dozens of books available related to car buying how-to."

The automobile is the most expensive lifetime cost that most of us will make. By merely helping students, families, friends and associates make the Car-Deal- Literacy-to-Library-Connection (CDLLC), a seemingly simple but often missed connection, we can help shorten the expensive trial and error car deal literacy learning curve...

Simply take the time to remind your students or membership at some point in your class schedule about the library / car deal connection to help them save considerable costs on private transporation...

There are dozens of car deal how-to books available free at most full service libraries or for a nominal investment at most good bookstores... these constitute perhaps the most important resource students, teachers, and other auto consumers may avail themselves of... if they merely make the (car-deal-literacy-to-library) connection.

AutoBuyology / CARveat Emptor, the TPM (Total Profit Management) web resource for consumers, is perhaps the 2nd best car deal tip--the web site with rEvolutionary auto consumer sanity and survival information for leveling the predatory car deal battlefield in the all "new" & improved up-profited, downsized "gobble" economy of the new millenium...

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