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Tell Ford Motors Company to Get it's Gas in Gear

(Chrysler, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, Eagle, Jeep, Plymouth)

(January 2002) Ford Windstars -- reportedly having "head gasket" failures at around 60,000 miles. Ford settled some claims related to 1994-95 models by extending the warranty.

(May/June 1999) Chrysler recalled some of its Caravans and Villagers. There is apparently some possible problem which may result in fire. Check with Chrysler or your dealer soon for details. And, if you are about to buy one, it may not hurt to mention the recall while negotiating a lower purchase price.

(September/October 1998) Check your lemon resources because Chrysler Motors is under a major recall for several models of its "products" going back over several years. This recall involves vehicles rolling away while in "Park", so make sure you engage your "emergency" brake.

Chrysler is also a laggard in evolving its discrimination policies to include gay and lesbian Americans. Ford and General Motors includes sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination policies. More good reasons to pay less for your next Chrysler product.

Let Chrysler and your government (representatives) know how you feel about lemon laundering and the effec ts on and costs to our family and village values that comes from abuses of the privileges we bestow auto makers, merchants, and service mechanics in the marketplace.

The Ford Windstar (not the Aerostar) rated better in crashworthiness evaluation tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety then did the Chrysler Caravan. (Caution, shop cautiously and smartly, and avoid basing purchasing decisions on single sources of information - develope an overall strategy and do a comprehensive checklists of your personal or family transport needs before dealing).

Check with your local equal opportunity lemon dealer? Sour citrus futures for everyone...? Support your local predatory car dealer and manufacturer today...? Chrysler has been charged in Pennsylvania, New York and California for reselling vehicles it bought back from original buyers due to "lemon law" status or service, to second owners without telling them about the service problems. This practice has become known as lemon laundering. Its anohter car deal trick to watch out for when shopping for autos.

January 8, 1997 (Reuters) (Detroit),
Chrysler promises "record" year in 1996 with 2.97 million unit sales worldwide. No profit figures reported, but are promised when all the car deal dings have been added up. Stay tuned. Divide total reported profits by total unit sales to calculate how much consumers over paid Chrysler per unit in 1996. Bend over, er., take a bow Mr. and Mrs. Automobile Sucker, er., Consumer. (italics, ours)

April 10, 1997:
(PBS radio and vairous mainstream and alternative media)
Chrysler reports "record profits" for its 1st quarter, again...
[Congratulations Mr. Ms. and Mrs. American Consumer for paying too much again and again...(easy come, easy go?) for mistaking value for price and not holding excessive prices to a reasonable level]
1800 Chrysler employee strike a suburban Detroit Chrysler engine parts plant which makes parts for its "high-margin" trucks and mini-vans.


For the auto-illiterate, "high margin" means that these vehicles reap a higher profit per unit than other models. Pick-up trucks and mini-vans are some of Chrysler's high margin products. Consumers should consider whether their desire or "need" to have these vehicles is inflating their prices...check out the "keeping up will all the Chrysler Jones" option costs? Is Chrylser still laundering lemons... like it did in Pennsylvania, New York and California...?
Record profits mean that consumers are not doing their jobs of holding the rates of creeping profits down. Sharpen you negotiating skills and dig in your heals if you go aropping for a Dodge Ram truck or Chrysler pick-up or mini-van. Also consider you purchasing calendar...and its proximity to employee strikes or labor unrest and the potentail impacts this may have on product quality or the availability of supply and its resultant impacts on price...Chrysler's mini-van is hardly a glorified station wagon, alittle higher off the ground, with "soft" contoured lines, and lots of shiny thin tin, plastic and glass. Pick-up trucks are very popular with the "macho" market or outdoorsy crowd, so if paying too much for essentially half a car makes you feel better, then "buy all means," fork it over. Keep in mind that often mini-vans and trucks are not requried to and do not meet minimum government passenger sedan safety standards. Are you still paying more for less Chrysler?

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