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Legislative Alerts:
Action Alert... Stay tuned and keep your senators and representatives updated on your concerns - One Term George (the Great Unconservative) is at the helm.

(January 2003 - 2005) Chrysler Motors (Daimler-Chrysler) is reportedly working to water down air quality standards in California. You may wish to drop the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this campany and tell Chrysler what you think of auto companies working to pollute our air. Ask Chrysler if it has studies that suggest that asthmatics pay more for higher polluting vehjicles. People doo doo? Address your letters to: President/CEO, Daimler-Chrysler, 1000 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766 USA.
(October 2002) The reactionary President Bush and the automobile industry want you and your loved ones to breath more polluted air. They have joined in a lawsuit to undo recently democratically enacted California standards for automobile emmissions. You may wish to let President Bush and the Automobile Manufacturers know how your feel about their plan for the health of the air you breathe. Just go -- walk on over to their websites and give them your impression of foul air.
(January - February 2002) Our federal government senators and representatives are considering requiring auto manufacturers to tighten their controls over labeling of "totaled" or "salvaged" vehicles which often they put back on the market to the peril of future consumers and other users of our highways who may become victims of faulty vehicles. It wouldn't hurt for you to let your representatives and senators know how you feel about the resale of lemons, salvated or totaled vehicles that may pose a health and safety risk to their subsequent owners and the rest of the driving public. Just do it!

Senator Trent Lott (R-Tenn) thinks that the auto industry should be able to resell unsafe automobiles without notice to prospective consumers. Legislation pending during the latest term would have required auto dealers to repair unsafe vehicles or remove them from sale. However, Senator Lott thinks your safety and the safety of others on our roads are not matters of public concern and that the auto industry should be able to sell unsafe cars without government "interference." What do you think? Have you let Mr. Lott know how you feel about his position on auto consumer protection and public safety?


Action Alert: Received from Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) July 8, 1998: California Consumers... The tobacco and auto industries are trying to scuttle California legislation which would require auto makers to disclose defects of vehicles it buys back (buybacks) from consumers under the CA Lemon Law. Currently several auto manufacturers require consumers from whom they repurchase or buy back vehicles from to sign "gag orders," which prohibit the customers from disclosing the defects of the vehicle for which the dealer buys back the vehicle. Apparently the tobacco industry does not want to disclose the safety factors associated with tobacco and smoking, too... surprise, surprise.

The California State Assembly passed AB-2410, which would prevent auto manufacturers and other industries from gagging consumers about product defects... and it is on its way to anti-consumer Governor Peter Wilson. Call him at 916-445-2841 (then dial 1) and leave your message supporting his signing of this important free speech and consumer and public safety law. Governor Wilson's mailing address is: Honorable Governor Wilsion, State of California, The Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814... let him know you care about safety and that you want to know the truth about product safety and defects in the marketplace. Manufactuers have resold vehicles buy backs with serious safety defects, posing potential hazards to the new owner and other drivers on the highways. Gag-orders are safety hazards to consumers. Don't let Pete Wilson permit the auto industry to sell defective products without properly disclosing those defects to prospective consumers.


Consumer Action (San Francisco Bay Area) is investigating Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of the West, Imperial Bank or Mechanic's Bank of Richmond for irregularities in repossessing automobiles. If you had your car repossessed, sold and still owed the mank a lot of money, you may wish to contact Consumer Actioin at (415) 777-9635. The above banks may have omitted notifying borrowers about repossession and public auction sales which is required by law. If so, loan consumers may be entitled to reimbursement of charges. Contact Consumer Action-Repro, 717 Market St., Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94103. (Source: Consumer Action News)


(May 14, 1997) Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) has issued an Urgent Auto Lemon Alert: Reporting that California Governor Pete Wilson has received $300,000 in campaign funds from the auto industry and has vetoed efforts to strengthen SB289, the California Legislation to make the auto industry eat its own lemons. CARS is recommending everyone interested in protecting their friends and families from the auto industry's stepped up lobbying efforts to scuttle SB 289, to write a letter to:

  • Governor Pete Wilsion
    (1999 - Governor Gray Davis, Dem)
  • California State Capital
  • Sacramento, CA 95814
  • ... letting him know you want unsafe vehicles repurchased by the manufacturer and removed from the marketplace for the public's health and safety. Also, forward copies of your letters to:

  • CARS
  • 1500 West El Camino
  • Suiye 333
  • Sacramento, CA95833
  • Those who are working against SB 289 and to weaken California's Lemon Law (already very dilute) include: Ford, General Motors, American Automobile Manufacturers Association (Chrysler, Ford, GM), Association of International Automobile Manufacturers Association (BMW, Fiat, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kia, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo) -- all fine lemon producers apparently hoping to branch out into and cash in on citrus produce futures. Make sure these manufacturers also hear how much you appreciate them using their "record profits" and inflated prices to fight reasonable consumer protection and industry integrity enhancing laws.

    • "WHATEVER auto deal TRAFFIC ALLOWS:" (Whatever the market will bear -- whatever you will put up with / and for how long?)

  • General Motors
    was recently approved by court decree to use federal racketeering (RICO) statutes against Volkswagen for allegedly stealing trade secrets when VW lured Jose Lopez, the auto industry purchasing guru, away from General Motors in 1993.

    Unfortunately federal racketeering statutes are not available to consumers when dealers and manufacturers employ unfair, manipulative and fraudulent sales and service practices in tricking consumers out of billions of dollars in inflated profits every year across America. These practices, when covered at all are usually covered by weaker civil or administrative laws, rather than the more serious criminal and racketeering statutes. This places motor vehicle manufacturing corporations at greater advantage in the marketplace and assures that unfair, manipulative and fraudulent auto sales and service practices will continue unchecked at current or accelerated levels absent the threat of forfeiture of assets upon conviction.

    General Motors won an out of court settlement (reported January 12, 1997) against VW to settle the "Lopez" corporate espionage charges. VW's to pay $100 million in cash, and to buy over a billion dollars worth of VW parts over 7 years from General Motors. General Motors parts in a German Car? Scheesh! Paying too much for VW's will help VW pay off General Motors. CARveat Emptor. VW lemon juice with a GM twist? Could be very bitter.

    Moral to the story: He who has RICO statutes in his favor gets the best deals in town. Great leverage.
    • US Representative LaFalce, D-NY is sponsoring an auto lease rate disclosure bill to protect consumers from auto lease rip-offs which net dealers 3% to 10% or more than MSRP (window sticker {sucker} price). Loan agents are required to disclose the rate of interest. Isn't it nice that several years after consumers have been taken for the Great American Car Lease Deal Ride that your government may now take some corrective action. Let Rep. LaFalce know how you feel about paying too much for auto leases. Consider telling Rep. LaFalce that a comprehensive FAIR CAR SALES AND SERVICE PRACTICES ACT is necessary to protect our families from the traditions of sham in auto sales and service.

    • In regards to the above Alert: Your government recently granted the auto industry a one year reprieve to continue shafting consumers on auto lease deals until October 1977, when its new rules on lease deal disclosures go into effect. And do not expect the dealer to disclose the APR or lease interest rate. You will have to demand this as a condition of your business or lease without knowing how much the lease interest rate is for auto lease deals. Good deal, eh? Again, your government works for the industry and shafts the consumer, you're paying for this!) And it will continue to do so until enough consumers demand better treatment and better representation and marketplace protections.

    • Consumer protection from sham or rummy auto sales and service practitioners is good for business, our economy and for individual, family and village values.

    • California State Senator Calderon is sponsoring legislation to strengthen California's lemon law which is basically written to favor the industry over consumers. Let Sen. Calderon know how you feel about being ripped off on lemon deals. Beware car dealers and manufacturers who diversify into sour citrus produce futures.
    • Check with your local, state and national governments periodically for updates on consumer related issues and make sure your government representatives know how you feel about the institutionalized sham factors in the Great American Car Deal.

      Governor Pete Wilson's Administration in California has requested that a recommended wrist-slap of a penalty against Chrysler be softened. After laundering hundreds of lemons in New York, Chrysler liked the results so well it repeated this trick in California, where it was also caught. Now, the Governor, who claims to be tough on crime, does not have the heart to permit Chrysler to be punished for cheating consumers in California. Let the Governor know how you feel about Chrysler being permitted to launder lemons in California with impunity. Apparently the Governor believes that going soft on the auto industry will improve its performance and treatment of consumers. Chrysler was caught disconnecting odometers on vehicles its "executives" used for personal use before the vehicles were sold. Chryslers family values and customer service apparently also includes rear deck latches on its popular Caravans that pop open during side and rear collisions, ejecting small occupants and objects that are not strapped down.

      Update on the Above: Interestingly, the California DMV reduced the profit forfeiture period for Chrysler from 60 days to 45 days. Chrysler plans an appeal, apparently believing that laundering lemons (which it denies) is a value-added customer service. Chrysler dealers are worried that they will be without cars for 45 days, but it is likely that Chrysler can speed up shipments to dealers and saturate the marketplace since the 45 day suspension does not go into effect for 40 days, if ever.


    • Tell Pete how you feel about laundered lemons, some so defective that brakes and other safety features could not be repaired even after several attempts, yet were sold to 2nd buyers without disclosures of the defects. Perhaps this is Chrysler's commitment to customer service? Have you been serviced by Chrysler lately?


    • Consumers may choose to consider avoiding Chrysler products in deference to consumer values given Chryslers apparent anti-consumer demeanor. Had lemon laws been elevated from civil or administrative law violations to federal and state criminal law status, Chrysler may have been prosecuted under the RICO (anti-racketeering) statutes, which in the case of drug dealers permits the forfeiture and sale of assets, since Chrysler was also charged and paid fines in New York and Pennsylvania for similarly reselling lemon Chryslers without disclosing the prior use and service problems of the vehicles to subsequent consumers.

    • As reported on Channel 7 (ABC) September 5, 1997 (San Francisco, CA): The California Motor Car Dealers Association blamed Chrysler for Laundering Lemons in California. Oops, jumping the clutch before the California New Motor Vehicle Board reversed the DMV's recent decision to revoke Chrysler's Drive Shaft License in California for 45 days. The DMV has an opportunity to revisit the case and sustain it through the Superior Court or offer another penalty, or let Chrysler and its offending dealers off for abusing its marketplace privilidges. This memo is rather incriminating... even though the dealers seem to be trying to protect themselves by blaming Chrysler for not settling the case before dealers stood a chance to lose approximately $60,000 each for the 45 day suspension. DMV could merely permit the sale of Chrylser vehicles while confiscating all proceeds to Chrysler and its offending dealers as a proper punishment, while protecting those Chrysler dealers which were not charged with laundering lemons.

    (January, 1998) -- A judge in recently reported case gave the Cal DMV a greenlight to proceed with its case against Chrysler over its lemon launderings. Chrylser cried that DMV should have to go back to the California New Motor Vehicle Board for an alternative "proposal" before proceeding to court to enforce its laws. So, it ain't over till its over...

    • Late Breaking News: (October 2, 1996)

      SIS -- The Women's Consumer Foundation (Used to be at, now apparently defunct or moved) reported that a Class Action suit was filed in New York against General Motors for bad brakes on some of its 1991- 199 [?] makes/models...check it out...plan ahead, and test those brakes folks...OK it goes but will it STOP when you want it too? Another good reason not to pay too much for your next new GM or other car deal, lease, or lease/deal? Praise the Lord and pass auto consumer protection laws...
    • General Motors was under an employee strike in Canada and now in the US. It has been reported that this effected US production and parts supplies. It may be wise to consider being extra careful in purchasing GM vehicles while the strike continues and for a reasonable period of time after the strike is settled and potential problems with supplies and productions have cleared the conveyor-belt, er., assembly line...? Caution, turn on your headlights ahead!
    • Finally, after a year or more of reports about the safety hazards of air-bags, the "big three" are warning car owners of the potential hazards of air-bags and injuries to children. It took awhile, but Detroit finally decided that it could acknowledge safety related problems with its air-bags. Learn as much as you can about the air-bag in your vehicle and take any necessary measures to protect your small children from injuries from air-bags. Let your friends, family and neighbors know about the potential hazards of air-bags on children.

      The general rule of thumb is to not haul young children in the front seat, especially so if the vehicle is fitted with a passenger side air bag. If children are secured in an approved safety seat on the rear seat there may be little need to have the passenger side air bag disconnected. Assess your individual circumstances, and review the situation with your dealer or mechanic and take measures tailored to your personal and family safety needs. Keep in mind that automobiles are not safe products, regardless of what representations are made by the dealer or manufacturer. Forty to fifty thousand or more Americans are killed every year in automobiles or automobile related accidents in the US alone. -- CARnage worldwide is far more. Its statistically safer to fly than to drive an automobile.

    Demand Merely Fairness:

    If you have not demanded and obtained
    legislation to protect consumers from sham
    in auto sales and service practices, you
    may be part of the car deal problem.

    Put the auto industry
    on your Legislative Alert list

    And Don't Exit Until Y'our Government Helps You Drive It Home!

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