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"Entropy: A New World View" by Jeremy Rifkin [2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Still explains everything, and everything about why higher-to-lower-ordering is the god of existence. And our slavish worship of its mythical opposite, or course.] Also, see his much more recent "The New Hydrogen Economy."

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We do not necessarily agree with nor do we endorse any of the information contained in any of these links, nor do we guarantee that these links are alive-- CARveat Emptor -- Its a jungle out there, and you are on your own -- eat or be eaten! Deal carefully, if at all. No guarantee is implied or expressed as to the merchantability, usefullness or efficacy of any of the materaials, information or products contained in any of the links featured here -- test drive at your own risk after lowering your deductible...and your standards...Proceed with caution, in low gear, pre-test your brakes, at your own risk!

Tell your auto maker to make cleaner air vehicles NOW, and not wait for the not-ready-for-prime-time hydrogen fuel techologies. Existing technologies can double SUV gas mileage, and save consumers three times in fuel cost savings what these technologies would cost to install in new vehicles.
Let your automobile manufacturer know how you feel about high fossil fuel emission vehicles polluting the air you and your family breathe.
Let Ford Motors Company, et al.,and JUMPT START FORD one of the most successful high-end SUV pollution unit sellers know how you feel about it's efforts to dilute government regulations of fuel emmission standards. You may want to ask how it is that manufactuers can rake in tens of thousands of dollars per unit in profits and straight-facedly work to weaken clean air standards, claiming excessive costs to be passed along to the consumer.

| These only seem to be unrelated | '...everything is connected... [except dead links--in which case try a search function to see of the site has moved]'

General & Auto Related Links
National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators
Consumer Agency and Organization Links

Automotive & Almost Automotive Sites

  • Consumers For Auto Safety and Reliability (C.A.R.S.) A Good Place to Start
  • (ACEEE) American Center for an Energy-efficient Economy
  • ACEEE's Greener Car Rankings - Also Ranks the Top Polluting Vehicles to Avoid
  • Consumer Reports - for new and used car pricing services and other "establishmentized" consumer information.
  • Federal Trade Commission's "Keys to Automobile Leasing" (go the the FTC's website) -- contains good information for auto leasees.
  • Buying a Car? Consider the environmental impacts. "A Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices", (search for same at link) by Union of Concerned Scientists (Just out, April 1999) (as opposed to the Union of Indifferent Pseduoscientists to which Rush Limbaugh, Meteorologist, apparently maintains a membership.) Common Sense About Consumer Choices: Paper or plastic? Bus or car? Old house or new? Cloth diapers or disposables? Some choices have a formidable impact on the environment while others are negligible. How do you know which choices matter? UCS's new book--"The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices"-- helps you identify what you should consider carefully as you make your purchases and what you can safely ignore.

UCS's Consumer's Guide offers the first comprehensive look at the full range of modern consumer activities, identifying those that cause the most environmental damage and those that cause the least. It shows that only a few activities--our use of cars and trucks, consumption of meat, and choice of homes and appliances--are responsible for causing the greatest amounts of environmental damage by far.

Bicycle Stuff - Great Auto Alternatives

The Critical Mass Web Wheel

Government / Politics

Demand Fair Auto Consumer Protection, and Auto Alternative Resources! Perhaps the one thing worse than having to buy an automobile for personal transportation is having to pay too much for it.

Demand controlled and smart growth policies and modern zoning regulations to help slow the growth in public costs ("Private Taking") required to service mismanaged and uncontrolled growth with less pavement and other physical and social infrastructures.

(500,000 + auto consumer complaints every year, and no auto consumer protection legislation to speak positively of, means that your government has not gotten your message... over the noi$e of the roar of the auto indu$try!)

The reason that gasoline and auto related costs are so excessive and uncompetitive is because we have not invested in clean fuel and auto alternative personal and public transport resources... we all benefit when we all have auto-alternatives available -- even us auto-addicts...

Mismanaged or uncontrolled growth also keeps gasoline and auto realted costs excessively high (our out of pocket costs are less than half of the real costs)... smart growth will help to keep public costs down to service a more concentrated and less incontenent growth patterned after suburban sprawl.

A little enlightened self-interest here would benefit us all, and help keep the air we breath clean as well... we can fix this....

Union of Concerned Scientists' Environmental & Clean Cars Website
Sierra Club's Clean Cars Website
Rainforest Action Network's and Global Exchange's Clean Cars Website

Controlling Growth: Growing ourselves out of the
problems we've grown ourselves into...?
Slap forehead, (lightly!) and say, "D'oh!":

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

As long as the money changers write the rules, the money changers will rule... by design we have the most efficient wealth redistribution system from the many to the few... by design we can incentivise the economy to benefit more people and the community better.



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Have you told your auto maker, or the auto industry to make more efficient and cleaner-air vehicles? Recently? (Flyer to copy and post). Have you asked others if they have? It wouldn;t kill you to do so! It may even help prevent or reduce asthma and global warming.

For Healthier Air, Planet, & People: To Save Y'our Breath, Lives, Money & Planet...

Tell Car Makers To Make Cleaner-Air Vehicles
1 Jump Start Ford For A Cleaner-air Future

2 Jump Start Ford
Tell NHTSA to Improve Fuel Efficiency of SUVs
Tell Car Makers To Get Their Gas In Gear Flyer 2-up

Save Your Breath, Life, Money & Planet Flyer 1-up
Don't Be A Fossil Fool - Fossil Fools Day

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