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"That government governs best which governs the most democratically (representatively) while protecting constitutional individual rights." R. Rand Knox 2002

Democracy does not have to end on election day... and it shouldn't!
R Knox

Every mail box, phone, computer, and ATM (?:-) also a secure voting booth!

In those states such as California, where the initiative petition remains legal and available to the people, the people should take and vest the governors' legislative veto and approval power with themselves directly, perhaps on a five year trial basis, or on a continually repeating five year opt-in/opt-out basis, as a continual reminder to elected representives of who is (We) funding this experiment. Bringing redemocracy to our national goverment may be a tougher sell, but it should be tried until successful.

When is a conservative conspiracy not a conspiracy? When it's an openly declared war on American culture, society, economics, democracy, families and education system [ Cultural War] by the extreme right wing reactionaries in compassionate conservative drag... Rand Knox 2003

Thank you for teaching.
Tea Ching: The martial art of imparting knowledge during a right wing instigated cultural war.
Rand Knox 2003

Ingersol Rand and Stanley Tool Works (among hundreds of other formerly US incorporated companies) have incorporated off-shore to avoid helping the rest of us pay corporate federal income taxes. Planning a consumer purchase? Is the manufacturer a US incorporated corporation? Or an expatriate free-loader?

Having difficulty connecting the dots? Try these:
"The Corporation" a documentary film (Why Corporations Suck)
"What's The Matter With Kansas" by Thomas Frank
"Fahrenheit 9/11 (Celsius 488.33 - still hot!) a politocology by Mike Moore
"The Wrecking Crew: How a gang of right-wingnut con men destroyed Washington and made akilling by Thomas Frank (nothing conservative about the neo-compasionate conservatives)
Kabuki Democracy: The System vs Barack Obama by Eric Alterman

How Right-Wing "Conservatives" Hijacked U.S. Democracy

"Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Government of George W. Bush by John Dean (Former Counselor to the President under Nixon)

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education." Thomas Jefferson - 1820

Are you going to the revolution?
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It's the demockery, dammit!
It's the democruptcy, Dubya!
Don't Texas With America!"

GWB's Resume (Copy & Share)

Ok, so we wasted it. We voted for Bush, Gore, Nader, or Buchanan. Now what?

Campaign Finance Reform?
Affirmative Action - Racial Justice?
Healthcare Reform?
Corporate Welfare Reform?
Environmental Protection?
Personal Privacy Rights?
Real Family Valuing Policies?
Free Trade vs Fair Trade?
Living Wage?
Public Transportation?
We Decide?

Needed: (1). State and national consitutionally defensible sample initative petition ballot language to make state and national governments more representative of the majority of Americans' values and will, while protecting individual rights...


November 12, 2002

Dear Letters Editor:

Re: "A Recipe for Democracy"

If we want a more representative-of-the-majority-of-the-people government, we need to begin testing a program and process for redemocratizing it.

This will likely happen (if ever) first at state levels. Where initiative petitions are permitted we should vest the state electorate (voters) with the responsibility for approving or rejecting all state lower-house legislation (except for emergency matters and people-house determined ministerial matters -- the voters would decide the rules of lower state-house assemblies).

This would put minority-rule special-interest government of, by, and for the few on notice that while individual rights should be protected by the court(s), the governor(s) and the state and national upper-house legislature(s), that majority rule should be the rule again rather than the exception in the US as it has unfortunately become.

A comprehensive redemocratization program would involve modernizing and securing the voting system(s) and phasing the program in over a 'to be determined' period of time (5 to 10 years?).

When tested at state level(s) and made to work, we should do the same at the national level, vesting ratification or rejection of House of Representatives proposed, debated, and packaged legislation with and by the people directly on a legislative ratification calendar to be determined (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) by the people.

Ya' know, unless we want the current status-quo to continue where minority rulers can game the system state by state for personal or special interest, with little real input or approval from the people.

It will take a constitutional amendment to reform the way legislation is approve in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, here in California and in other states where the initiative petition process is authorized, all we have to do is fix the voting system and put it on the ballot (at the same time may be preferable), and voila -- redemocracy.

Every mail box, phone, computer, and ATM (?:-), also a secure voting booth...

Rand Knox
redemocratist at large and at heart
ReDemocracy / ReGovernment / ReCommunity

March 4, 2001

Dear Letters Editor: The Wall Street Journal:

RE: Spending "Our" Money
Tax Refunds vs Representative Government
Keep the money and give us back our government

Frequently "President" Bush tells us that the people know better than government how best to spend our money. Perhaps so. Lets see.

On a five-year trial basis lets test his theory. Lets vest in the people with only the non-emergency legislative ratification duties of only the US House of Representatives (all other functions of the House, the senate, the presidency and the courts would remain unchanged), and find out if we, the people, know how best to spend our money. Or vest the legislative veto power of the presidency directly with the people.

We're likely to find that indeed we are better at spending our money than is a pseudo-representative government by proxy under the undemocratic influence of speech-enhancing and more importantly-- speech-stifling, special interest "soft"-money.

George W. Bush should consider his proposed $1.6 trillion dollar tax refund as down payment from the people for more ownership of and more representation in their government. Keep the money, and give us back our government. Now, there's a real compassionate and bona fide conservative idea.

Imagine; had Californians vested a mere meaningful public voice in their lower house, the California State Assembly, they likely wouldn't be ponying up tens of billions of power related fees because their representatives forgot who "brung-em" to the dance and who really pays for their legislative sausage (Bills).

Rerepresentativized government, anyone?

Redemocracy. anyone?


Rand Knox
redemocratist at large and at heart
POB 150763
San Rafael, CA 94915-0763

If only "The People" had a direct and meaningful voice
in ONLY the ratification of ONLY all non-emergency legislation of ONLY The House of Representatives, we could have spared America and the World the spectacle of the politically driven Impeachment of President Clinton... (Not that his behaviors have not been absolutely shameless from to time to time) the issue would never have risen to the Senate had only "We--The People" had merely vested in ourselves a direct and meaningful public voice in ONLY all non-emergency Legislation which is debated and packaged by ONLY the House of Representatives.

The US House of Representatives would otherwise remain unchanged as would the Senate, the Presidency and the Courts... As long as our representatives, who we elect in good faith to go off to Washington to do our bidding for us, instead merely go and do their own bidding and the bidding of the monied and self-interested--at our cost, its time to take and vest a direct and meaningful national public voice in all non-emergency House of Representative Legislation... Lets put it on the ballot in all fifty states...

It's the demockery, dammit!
It's the democruptcy, Dubya!

A few judicious words from Tommy...

"... every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone." Thomas Jefferson - 1789

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education." Thomas Jefferson - 1820

Summary: A modest, workable proposal to vest a direct and meaningful public voice (not the last word necessarily) in all non-emergency and non-ministerial national [and possibly eventually, state and local] governmental legislation via secured electronic, phone and absentee or USPS mail voting. By vesting ONLY the proposed legislation ratification powers of ONLY the House of Representative with the national electorate directly via regularly calendared agendum and ballots (weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)... while the Senate, the Presidency and the Courts remain unreformed as checks on each other's powers and on the new REFORMED powers of the people and vice versa... to be accomplished by statute by the HOR to merely agree to bind the House to the registered view of the majority of American citizens on macro policy and legislative issues [including Congressional salaries and pensions], or by amending the Constitution, would help to reclaim representative self-governance and help restore interest and participation in our government and governance. The machinery for making this system of moderated plebicitine government could be accomplished with merely one year of funds ($125,000,000.00) which our national government now pays out directly to a select group of corporations that suckle at mother government's corporate welfare teats... -- lets put this on the ballot in every state, if for no other reason but to inform our representatives of our desire to once again be included in our experiment of representative self-governance...

White House coffee klatches, and Tea Party II, too...?
(see Time Magazine,November 9, 1998,
"What Corporate Welfare Costs You," A special investigation by Donald L. Bartlett and James B Steele, authors of "America: What Went Wrong")

A Road Map to Real
Democratic Governmental Reform

President Clinton said upon or soon after his re-election that the millionaire's, the store clerk's, the receptionist's and the millwright's voice was equal in casting their ballots and in affecting the results of the recent election. While on its face this may be imbued with a scintilla of truth, in effect and for practical purposes it is not. Representative self-government has been corrupted by special interests and big money politics. We have ceded the freedoms our ancestors fought for and gave to us in throwing off the bogus concept of Divine Right of Kings, to the Divine Rights of the DemocRepubliCorporataucracy.

Mega-monied special interests buy a bigger voice in government regardless of which personality or political party reigns. A few self-loopholed or off-shored corporations and wealthy individuals are so powerful that they are able to buy influence at pennies on the dollar that directly benefits their personal or corporate standings through direct or indirect governmental policy and legislative actions. It has been reported subsequent to the President's Inaugural Address, that PAC money reflects and influences the general pattern of "legislative action" taken by "our" representatives. In other words, the more money a representative or senator receives from a source or interest, the greater likelihood that his or her vote will reflect the interests of the giver relative to the issue or legislation.

Small businesses, the middle-income salaried, wage earners and the poor citizens of America do not wield this kind of power over their government and therefore do not have an equal voice in selecting or lobbying their "representative" government with the super wealthy and monopolied corporate powers. Special interests have short circuited the magic and integrity of the genius of representative democratic government. Soft-money politics has removed from government any and all presumption of democratic functioning with which it was conceived over two hundred years ago.

Its time we reclaimed an equal voice in our self-governance for all Americans regardless of economic or social status.

Doing Democracy More Democratically,
More Directly While Upholding Individual Freedoms

Reforming Government for Greater, More Representative Democracy and Better Government.

Real Government Reform or political musical chairs?

Want real government reform?
Want a direct voice in your state and national governments?

Then demand a Constitutional Amendment (or legislation) to reform only the House of Representatives and Lower Houses of State Legislatures, vesting only non-emergency and non-ministerial legislative ratification powers to the national electorate (citizenry) through secured phone, electronic, snail-mail, and absentee voting.

The House membership (perhaps reduced in number saving millions in salaries, perks, and pensions) would retain its tradition of legislation and issue debate and packaging functions. Only the responsibility and privilege of ratifying House legislation would reside with the citizenry--directly by regularly calendered agenda via secured voting technology.

The People, the Senate, the Presidency and the Courts would then serve to balance checks on each other's relative powers. Restore the people's voice in self-governance...directly. Do not let someone else who is beholdened to special interests represent you. Demand to represent yourself meaningfully and directly,--democratically.

Our communications technologies have developed well beyond the Pony Express and the telegraph machine, so much so as to make representative-by-proxy government redundant, unnecessary, and undemocratic. Its time to give or reclaim for ourselves the power, the duty and the benefits of self-representation in our national government.


  • Consider Mother Jones Magazine's March 1996 issue entitled, "MOJO's Fortunate 400." This story identifies 400 multi-millionaires / corporations who regularly buy government favors and tax legislation favorable to their businesses and personal benefit from Uncle Sam's Legislative Discount Factory Outlet. Apply for your membership today. Only qualified persons or corporations need apply. Are you beginning to sense that except for the changes in the names and faces, that it really does not matter much who your president or representative is, that your government is in the pocket of a select wealth few, or out of the hands of the majority of Americans?
  • This may not be a conspiracy, but certainly a relatively few wealthy corporations and individuals enjoy a greater voice in our government then the majority of citizens and voters do. This is not democracy, rather its government by a private corporataucracy--of, by and for the very rich who can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard and soft political cash to puppet government office-holders at whim to their liking at the expense of the majority of Americans. Political party affiliation matters little to the wealthy consumers of government services. They spread their millions around on both sides of the political isle. And the public is left holding the empty bag.
  • With ReDemocracy Direct there would be less of a need for campaign finance reform, but if the national electorate wanted it, it could have it. Demand that the US House of Representatives (and the state lower legislative houses) be reformed to permit the national and state electorates to vote by secured phone and electronic voting to only ratify proposed House of Representative (Lower House) legislation as a direct check on the Courts, the Presidency and the Senate, which would continue to be elected and appointed by traditional practices. Demand your voice be heard equally with the voices of the Fortunate 400.
  • Where permitted, governmental decisions are often contested, appealed, referrended, or recalled by aggrieved citizens or groups. This suggests a disconnect, a symptom of a deeper problem with our republican form of democratic government. Any possible substantive governmental reform or changes are likely at least fifty years away (if ever), but reforming national and perhaps state and local government to permit a direct public voice (not the last or final word) in ratifying most proposed legislation by secured phone, electronic or absentee voting would give people the direct voice in government that recalls, referendums and initiative petitions (where permitted at all) indicate that the public (the people) want and need.

Our current system of so-called representative government which was well designed for its time before or around the days of the telegraph and phony express, has become a government by proxy of "representatives" who we naively send off to Washington (or to the state capitol or city hall,-- present company excluded, of course) to do our bidding, only to end up having them doing their own political and personal bidding and the bidding of special interest and the moneyed interests of very big business and monopolies.

  • By reforming only the House of Representatives, perhaps reducing its membership size, and reforming it so that its primary purpose would be to only discuss, debate, sponsor and package rather than ratify legislation, instead vesting only this function directly with "US, the People" (national electorate) on a regularly scheduled agenda/calendar in most circumstances (all non-emergency and selected ministerial bills) would contribute to greater democracy and resolution of most of the major national and state issues from time to time and from generation to generation. Most major national polls on social and economic issues suggest that the American electorate is fair minded, educatable and competent on critical and important issues and is capable of understanding the complexities of proposed legislation., without being unduly mislead by political and media rhetoric or manipulation (at least no more so then the legislatures are). Where the public might usurp the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of individuals, the courts would continue to have jurisdiction and duties to intervene as they do now, and the Presidency and Senate would share a voice in national decision making as they have for over 220 years.

The Presidency, the Senate and the Courts under such a [real] reformed governmental structure would remain in place as a check on each other and the public, and the public then would possess a direct and meaningful voice (not the last word necessarily) as a balancing check on the other three "Houses" or bodies of government. The details would be watered down and politicized, and possibly adapted to state and local governments, but this evolved democrepublicanized form of government would likely be better than our existing system of indirect representative government by proxy.

Democracy Direct: putting the people back into, We The People," America's governance of the future? We're talking about an major act of Congress (The House could agree to abide the public's will) or a Constitutional Amendment -- so lets get started! Make a Federal case out of it! Lets put it on the ballot. If nothing else it might serve to focus the attention of our elected public servants.

Implementation: Just Doing it...

The government could find a way to make this a reality now or over a transitionary period through legislative policy but it is not likely to do so because power is seldom ceded, it is taken. In order for Americans to be able to participate directly in their government, taking for ourselves the rights and duties of an equal voice in significant national issues along side the megaphones of large corporations and the special interests of wealth, we will have to undertake a Constitutional Amendment to change the structure (real reform -- not political musical chairs) of our existing system of special interest "representative" government by proxy. This is likely a thirty to fifty year process, so lets get started. Demand support for such basic democratic changes in our government from your current state and national representatives and senators, and work to have this issue placed before the electorate in your state.

  • Consumers need a meaningful voice in consumer protection legislation. Currently only the moneyed interest of big business, the corporatocracy, are heard by our "government by proxy" in Washington, DC. If you think Corporate welfare was approved to appease the middle-incomed, poor or disadvantaged, think again. If you think welfare for the poor, or as it has become known: as an elaborate poverty maintenance program, is a true "social" program, consider whether rather it is not a cleverly contrived wealth redistribution program to the wealthy, from the middle-class through the poor -- a continuous revenue stream of money placed back into the system where it floats back up past the middle-class to the well positioned tax sheltered, loopholed or offshored expatriate wealthy individuals and corporations -- our fellow folk at the top of the economy whose voices are bigger than those of the majority of Americans in the so-called big middle.

    One couldn't design a better wealth redistribution system for the rich or a worse social welfare system if one set out to do so. Two hundred plus years of pork barreling direct corporate welfare and subsidies and forty years of poverty maintenance handouts to the needy are incorrectly labeled socialism and hardly constitute legitimate welfare programs which are woefully needed to expand and grow the economy, and to fill the pockmarked landscape of potholes in our cultural, physical and environmental infrastructures. We can and must invest more wisely in our human resources to ensure a better future for everyone at all economic and social levels. This is simply a matter of public health, safety and welfare. Don't buy into the so-called conservative bromides about self-sufficiency and family values. These empty platitudes of American mythology are killing us in the streets and in our neighborhoods while the economic war in America rages behind the smoke screen of a trumped up cultural war.

Our Nation's foreparents (Founders?) would have done something about this state of affairs. They took the purse strings away from the tyranny of the Monarchy. Will we? Do we have what it takes, the right stuff? Are we self-respecting enough to become self-governing as a people, as a self-governing, democratic nation again?

Socialism, you say? Nah, or rahter maybe, but lets try democracy and capitalism first, for a change.

  • Political musical chairs or real government reform?
    Its a free country, right? Well, it used to be, anyway. So why do the American people not have a direct voice in their government, and why have we permitted the rules to be written by the special interests? Is it any wonder the rich get richer faster when they hold the purse strings to our government regardless of which political party of personality reigns? The system and the rules are naturally skewed in favor of those who control it. What is the difference between the Divine Right of Kings and the Divine Right of A Select Cabal of Corporatists which we have passively permitted to shanghai democratic government?

    Capitalism may be superior to so called socialism
    (actually totalitarian communism which is often held up as the quintessential example of failed socialism was hardly an example of socialism and especially not of democratic socialism),-- and hyper-capitalism where the stock market (legalized gambling?) and Wall Street cheer increases in unemployment with profit taking "smiles and hurrays" is hardly a harmless individual, family or village valuing system in its unconstrained "profiting at all cost" extremes! (Just pick up the newspaper of any location and read about the corporate greed, fraud and abuse everyday across the nation and the world). This greed, fraud and abuse is far more costly to our economy then cleaning it up would be. So who nominated Archer Daniels Midland and Texaco as the poster-persons (?) of free market capital economics?

    We are fools to think that free markets will do anything other than to consolidate and monopolize the marketplace, which is their nature to do if uncontrolled or unchecked by responsible democratic government. Uncontrolled and unchecked top-down hyper-capitalism is as anti-social,-- as harmful to individuals, to families and to our village values as totalitarian communism and its top-down central control proved to be for countries in the Eastern Block.

    This is precisely why our so-called "FOUNDERS" did not grant Constitutional rights to corporations. Rather they required corporations to petition for Legislative Charters to incorporate for specific social benefit for time certain periods, after which they were un-incorporated. Our founders held corporations in the same low or suspect repute as they did the Crown of England for the same economic reasons... the Crown and corporations shared an equal potential for evil anti-individual behaviors. Fortunately, although there is an obvious corporate bias in law, corporate speech does not rise to a Constitutionally guaranteed right---at least not yet. But you can bet that corporations are working to achieve this, too. After all, corporations have won through politics and legal machinations what it was not granted by the Founders,---the status, protections and rights of individual personhood, actually super-personhood, as corporations (fake, pseudo or contrived persons) enjoy far more benefits and protections in many respects than do individuals (real persons).

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