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The VW Mistake

"My Other Car Is Not A VW"

My Last VW Mistake

Photo of 93 VW Eurovan with "My Last VW Mistake Sign" Vehicle Sign Recipe):
Rigid plastic photo protectors self-stick (velcroed) to windows (rigid plastic sheet protectors available at FLAX or other arts suppliers); Plastic flyer dispenser self-stick (velcroed) to window (available at TAP or other plastic suppliers). Window or vehicle sign self adhesive ready to apply (RTA) vinyl (from FASTSIGNS or other sign supplier). Sign on front side window is removable during operation to avoid blocking visibility.

Be Very Wary (VW?) or you may get VW'd too...

  • 1. Undisclosed defects

  • 2.
    Hidden damage repair

  • 3.
    Erroneous written representations faxed twice on contract documents and filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles (Mileage and date of contract incorrectly entered)

  • 4.
    Side impact exposed gas tank extended outside chassis frame beneath driver's seat and door.

  • 5.
    Unreinforced brittle fiberglass bumper -- you have not seen ugly until you see the EuroVan with its cheap plastic bumper caps down (caused by minor bumper impacts)

  • 6.
    Multiple fuel pump failure (towing charges, too)

  • 7.
    Air conditioner failure

  • 8.
    Engine cooling system failure (towing charges, too)

  • 9.
    Exterior detail failure

  • 10.
    VW and dealer no help in addressing manufacturing or deal shortcomings

  • 11.
    VW and dealer refuse to merely reimburse the fair market value of the undisclosed defects and hidden damage repairs and the misleading statements regarding future rebates. -- Consistent with reportage in 1993 Advertising Age saying VW rated by JD Powers and Associates as 30th out of 32 in customer satisfaction (CSI) and 32nd out of 32, dead last in initial quality (IQS).

  • Others have experienced far worse VW horror stories and nightmares then ours. We've heard them!

  • Geez, hope your VW experience varies from ours.

  • Suggested documentary title: "VW and Me..." or "Car Talk TV", brought to you by the consumer service departments of the automobile industry. (:-) Like they say, "with VW it appears to be one "THING" after another." (:-)


    The auto industry's supply contract slashing guru and therefore corporate management darling, Jose Ignacio Lopez de Arriortua (Jose Lopez), who worked for General Motors squeezing material and supply vendor contracts, was hired away by VW a couple of years ago. At first, Mr. Lopez equivocated when VW's job offer was made public, and waffled on his decision to jump ship from GM to VW, evenutally deciding to take VW's unbeatable offer.

    General Motors has sued VW and Mr. Lopez for theft of proprietary information from GM having to do with materials pricing and global marketing strategies which GM feels unfairly benefits VW in competing with GM in the global auto markets.

    VW and Mr. Lopez deny(ied) the charges level by GM. The suit is pending adjudication in US and German Courts. The question we ask is, with VW's side impact exposed gas tanks on the EuroVan, why would VW need GM's gas tank placement secrets? Did Mr. Lopez stall in deciding to jump ship because he needed more time to collect more GM secrets? Perhaps the suits will reveal this.

The VW Squeeze Play...

Mr. Lopez resigned from VW today (Friday, November 29, 1996) after a court in the US ruled that GM can continue with its suit under Federal racketeering statutes usually reserved for drug dealers. This will permit GM to seek tripple damages for the corporate espionage claim it has filed against VW.

Interesting, isn't it, that General Motors may use the racketeering statutes against another corporation when similiar statutes are not available to the general consumer against auto manufactures and dealers who have been caught laundering lemons or engaging in other unsavory sales or service practices. The virtual-persons in the form of corporations enjoy greater beneftis and protections under law then do real people it seems. Whatever traffic allows...!!!

Mr. Lopez was lauded by VW at his resignation (which was accepted with regret, even though VW promised to hire Mr. Lopez back as a private consultant) as instrumental in returning VW to profitability. Hum? Mr. Jose (The Squeezer) Lopez returned VW to profitability. By squeezing suppliers and slashing supply contracts...? Consumers should inspect any VW very carefully before purchasing for a few years until the quality and durabilty of VWs can be determined and rated by credible auto consumer ranking organizations. Squeeze those VW lemons before VW's lemons squeeze you....!!!

Two more VW-critical sites:

Volkswagen Lemon Law

Sucker Cars

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