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CARveat's Caveat
"Your Experience and Mileage May Vary."

We hope so...
Objects are closer then they appear...(:-)

  • The information contained in this publication and connected pages, by the very nature of the limitations on this type of format and the nature of variables in personal abilities, skills and knowledge, the industry and in the marketplace, is meant to be used as merely a starting point in researching the topic or issue rather than as the best, only or final answer to a specific legal or purchasing issue or decision. Before acting or purchasing, seek additional advice, information and assistance, do research and tailor the issues and information personalized to your particular circumstances and to practical market conditions and variables.

    CARveat Emptor - Tricks of the Great American Car Deal suggests considering "not buying it!" If however, you choose to buy or lease a vehicle, consider hiring an attorney, a mechanical engineer, and above all a psychologist to assist you with your or-deal....although you likely will find enough information available on the market to assist you with purchasing decisions, with the assistance of a properly fitted clothespin or a thumb and forefinger pinched over your nostrils.

  • Good luck, and remember that buying a car, new or used, is a potentially expensive mistake. Even the best deals are the worst deals. Buying or leasing an automobile is the worst investment anyone can make. Its unnatural. Automobiles pollute the environment -- the air we breathe. The next worst mistake is selling the value of your business, your consumership short, and paying too much and being dinged on quality or service and not learning as much as possible about car dealing specifically and negotiating in general before making an important and expensive car purchase.

  • The automobile is one of the few investments where one generally expects to buy high and sell low, accepts this economically illogical situation and usually does nothing about it, except perhaps to complain to all the wrong people about it, or pretend that you really got a great deal when in fact you paid too much and got cheated on quality.

  • Demand
    Fair Car Sales and Service Practices legislation from your government representatives today. Such legislation properly enforced, can help take some of the risks and guesswork out of the pricing, quality and function of a new or used automobile. Even with such laws in place, enforcement will be tough as government never funds such programs sufficiently. However such consumer protection rightfully will place the industry on notice as to who is in charge -- the consumer.

  • Check the references listing within this home page and other sources as may be available at public libraries, bookstores, the internet, and elsewhere before making final consumer decisions. A general WWW query on the subject of interest may result in additional helpful information. While all dealers and manufacturers are not dishonest and may not resort to unfair, manipulative or fraudulent sales and service practices, it may be generally accepted that manufacturers, dealers and salespeople are not the best sources for unbiased consumer information regarding vehicle quality and pricing or personal consumer needs. Unfortunately consumers cannot rely on this industry to provide unbiased, objective and consumer supportive information about its products.

  • Remember, buying a new or used car is likely one of, if not the biggest mistake a consumer may make. If possible, avoid it. Consider the option of carlessness as a potentially good, safe and environmental investment. Make your government do public transportation and transit better and safer to reduce dependence on the private automobile. Demand your government tax-reward carlessness or reducing vehicle use. Does your government incentivize carlessness? Why not? inCARhoots? When was the last time you requested it do so? Demand better public transportation while you're at it! Whether you own and drive a private automobile or not, demand that your government provide substantive tax breaks for carlessness and for bicycles as alternatives to the private automobile.

  • If you buy a car, assert your rights, responsibilities and privileges as a consumer. Charge a premium, a profit for the courtesy of the reward of your business as a consumer to the dealer. Consider making your consumership the leveraging product or factor in the deal. Consider approaching or viewing the deal as though your money is the primary product or service which the dealer wants and needs more than you want or need the potentially expensive headaches of a new car with questionable aesthetics and functional characteristics. Would you buy a car without a warranty? Would you pay as much for a unwarrantied car? How do you know the dealer and manufacturer will honor sight-unseen promises of future service or written warranties? You don't. Negotiate the dealer's and manufacturer's profit on all new car deals. There is no way of guaranteeing that the vehicle you are buying will not become an expensive and frustrating lemon even if you pay more, so negotiate the dealer's and manufacturer's profit on all deals. And try not to pay for manufacturer value-subtracted costs such as advertising, congressional lobbying and political contributions, liability litigation, etc. Obtain or estimate and deduct these and other itemized value-subtracted unit costs per vehicle before dealing.

  • Learn as much as you can about the dealer's SYSTEM SELLING techniques before buying or leasing another new car -- its the biggest weapon dealers have to use in their arsenal of car deal bag of tricks against consumers.

  • Next to system selling, leasing is the dealer's and manufacturer's best weapon against consumers. Be sure to negotiate and document in writing the lease interest rate, Cap costs, rebates, trade-in value, other negotiated off-sets, maintenance, and early-out costs. Document all of these in writing before leasing. Avoid leasing if at all possible, as leasing is generally not a good consumer deal. Buying and holding for 10 years has been reported to save consumers $400,000 to $450,000 over forty years of automobile ownership and operation costs, as opposed to trading in for a new one every three years (Readers Digest, March 1998).

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